Attaining exponential growth of your business and attracting right customers shouldn't be a myth.

Here is what you need to do; know where you want your business to grow to and start a journey with Salesforce-x to help you reach there.

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What we are all about

Salesforce-X is an ecosystem of business solutions targeted at meeting the sales and growth needs of any business or organization. Our solutions help businesses to achieve exponential growth and gain more visibility.

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We meet our Clients business growth needs from 8 core areas


Develop a great brand strategy, get consumer-research based designs to make your brand Top of Mind and leverage our creative professionals.


Get Sticky Websites, Apps and other tools you need for effective online presence, conversions and user experience


Sell faster, sell better, sell anywhere, and track consumer journey via our innovative Digisales & Groundforce Solutions


Communicate aright and get customers to buy and remain with you via search optimized writing, media and many more


Get Market research, have personalized customer Interactions using AI, create right products via analytics, and engage across all touch points


Locate perfect facilities and storage partners, place your products in best conditions closest to point of sales


Save funds on logistics and get your products to the door steps of your customers.


Strategic Business and Product management require Competence. We train our clients on how to manage their businesses and products more effectively.

We’ve achieved a lot of things

Partners Integration
Buisineses Grown
Partners Integration
Partners Integration
Buisineses Grown

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